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Vietnam visa US citizen

Vietnam visa US citizen
There are basically three big airports in Vietnam through which the foreigners usually enter the country. They are located at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. However before making the entry these people require having Vietnam visa US citizen. The citizens of America would be requiring these visas for exiting as well as entering the mainland Vietnam. Hence all the people wishing to visit Vietnam should know about the costs involved. In this manner they will not get duped by fraudulent organizations or agents.

Arrange from before
It is always advisable that the citizens of USA or any other foreign country wishing to visit Vietnam need to arrange the visa before they make their departure for Vietnam. This is done by asking for the approval letter, online. The letter would be sent with the help of email. The visa would then get stamped on arrival in the Vietnam airport.

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The Vietnam visa on arrival for us citizens is prepared in this manner. During the process of application, the nationality of the person is required to be stated. There are many operators who handle tours as well as these processes. They will provide with the cheap visa hoping you would book tour from them. Money required for Vietnam visa US citizen It will cost some money to transfer the validity of the visa if it has expired. The residence cards of temporary nature would be costing different amounts, depending on the duration of the stay. Just as there are rules to be followed, there are also exceptions. For example people of countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore etc. do not require a visa if they would be staying for a month. The Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens are required to be fulfilled by all Americans visiting the country.

Payment Procedure

Procuring a visa to Vietnam is not a complicated affair. One simply needs to follow certain procedures to secure it.

Fee Structure for Vietnam Visa
There are two types of fees one needs to pay. The first is the approval letter fee that has to be paid online and the second is the stamping fee to be paid in cash at Vietnam airports. All major credit cards are accepted in both cases.
Visa requests can be applied for online portals of Vietnam embassy and are duly processed. It is better to keep some time in hand since processing is faster on weekdays. Usually a normal service is tended within two business days after filing application and paying up the visa fees online. However in case of emergency, one can avail service, but a tariff is surcharged in such cases.Please click here for more details about it.
Payment Procedure

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People of different countries are permitted to tour many parts of world with just only passport. But unfortunately if Vietnam is out of the list then don’t worry you can have a visa in no time.

How you will get a Vietnam visa
You can get visa Vietnam in two methods
  • Via Vietnam embassy
  • And Visa on the arrival
  • Requirements for the application of visa
  • As Vietnam visa on the arrival is obtainable in only few global airports thus an individual travelling in plane can only apply for this.
  • With 6 month of authority remaining in the passport formerly to travel date.
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Apply For visa

Apply For visa
  • Steps to apply visa Vietnam:
  • Initially one has to completely fill up the application with correct infos provided in the passport.
  • After completing the application one has to clear all the custodies. Within two working days after submitting one will obtain conformation mail which is needed to print along with 2 passport photos with stamping fees.
  • At airport you essential need to wait till your call for visa seal is done with filled-up form, your passport and photographs,.
  • Maximum validity time of the tourist visa is 3 months and of the business visa is 12 months. Thus we advise to go for it as soon as you reach Vietnam.


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